Fable.Remoting is a RPC communication layer for Fable and .NET apps featuring Suave, Giraffe, Saturn or any Asp.net core application on the server. On the client you can have either a Fable project or .NET Apps like Xamarin or WPF. This library lets you think about your client-server interactions in terms of pure stateless functions by defining a shared interface (see Getting started) that is used by both the client and server.

As the name suggests, the library is inspired by the awesomeness of Websharper's Remoting feature but it uses different mechanism to achieve type-safety.

Quick Start

Use the SAFE Simplified template where Fable.Remoting is already set up and ready to go

See Fable.Remoting in action demonstrated in the awesome talk at FSharp eXchange 2018 by Tomasz Heimowski

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