Setting Asp.NET Core Middleware

On your Asp.NET Core project, reference the the shared API types:

<Compile Include="../Shared/SharedModels.fs" />
<Compile Include="Program.fs" />

Now you need to install the Suave-specific package: Fable.Remoting.AspNetCore:

paket add Fable.Remoting.AspNetCore --project path/to/Server.fsproj

Expose the API as Asp.NET Core middleware:

Besides Fable.Remoting.AspNetCore, this snippet is using the following packages to run the server:

  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.Kestrel

See this pure kestrel sample for reference

// Program.fs
open SharedModels
open Fable.Remoting.Server
open Fable.Remoting.AspNetCore
// server stuff
open Microsoft.AspNetCore.Builder
open Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting

let musicStore : IMusicStore = {
    (* Your implementation here *)

// Create API from musicStore value
let webApp = 
    |> Remoting.fromValue musicStore

// Create an API from different value
let otherApp = 
    |> Remoting.fromValue otherValue

let configureApp (app : IApplicationBuilder) =
    // Add the API to the ASP.NET Core pipeline
    // you can have multiple API's 

let main _ =
        .Configure(Action<IApplicationBuilder> configureApp)

Explicit Signature

Sometimes, the F# compiler can't infer the type of your created remoting api from how it is used, for example, the snippet:

let webApp = 
    |> Remoting.fromValue musicStore

Will give you an error if used on it's own before using it inside the configureApp function because it is inferred to be of type RemotingOptions<'t, IMusicStore> where we actually want it to be of type RemotingOptions<HttpContext, IMusicStore>. The workaround is to simply write the signature explicitly like this:

let webApp : RemotingOptions<HttpContext, IMusicStore> = 
    |> Remoting.fromValue musicStore

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