Change Log

2 August 2019

  • Restructure repository by rewriting the integrations tests using Fable.Mocha and running them using Puppeteer.
  • Update repository infrastructure: paket and FAKE to use the latest dotnet cli instead of mono-based paket and FAKE.
  • Deprecate legacy Fable.Remoting.Client of Fable 1.x that was maintained for backwards compatiblity with legacy dotnet-fable. Users should update to Fable 2.x and use latest Fable.Remoting.Client v5.6.0

31 July 2019

  • Added high performance JSON serialization by caching reflection calls from UnionCaseInfo. See this PR

29 March 2019

  • Read raw bytes for routes of byte[] inputs, bypassing JSON marshalling. See this PR.

28 March 2019

  • Auto-qoutations support for dotnet client. See this PR.

27 March 2019

  • Implement high performance paths for remote functions returning Async<byte[]> by writing and sending the raw data to the client, bypassing the JSON serialization and deserialization altogether. See this PR.

26 March 2019

  • Cancel execution of an async workflow if the underlying request is aborted or cancelled. See this PR.

27 January 2019

  • Fixes DateTimeOffset deserialization issue #109 by this PR

21 October 2018

  • Remove Fable.PowerPack from the dependencies of remoting client in favor of simple XMLHttpRequest, fixes #80 in this PR

19 August 2018

  • Ported Fable client to Fable 2, using SimpleJson for JSON marshalling (see PR)
  • Breaking change on the client: Remoting.buildProxy<'t>() becomes Remoting.buildProxy<'t> when used, see Client docs

10th August 2018

  • Added ability to automatically generate interactive documentation from protocol definition (see PR)

July 2018 (See PR)

  • Major infrastructure rewrite and improvements to Reflection code #55
  • Checking whether the protocol definition is valid #56
  • Run everywhere as Asp.NET Core Middleware (closes #19 and #20)
  • Handle GET along with POST for remote functions that don't require input, i.e. functions of type Async<'t> or unit -> Async<'t> can be invoked using GET requests.
  • Remote functions of a single paramter of type 'a -> Async<'b> don't require the request body to be an array of arguments, instead, you can send just the JSON object that can be deserialized to 'a. This is not applicable to functions where 'a is an array or list, fallback to a list of arguments is used.
  • Removed the contextual remoting handler #50 Use fromContext function that let you gain access to the HttpContext.
  • Localized error handling for Fable client: no more global error handlers #59
  • Using ProxyRequestException for error handling that will give you access to the response when errors occur both for .NET and Fable client
  • Added docs for Integration Testing
  • Removed a lot of the functionality from the Fable client proxy #61
  • Added reader monad as shorthand for constructing values using fromContext (docs TBA)
  • Initial dependency injection support for Suave (docs TBA)

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