On your client Fable project, you reference the the shared API types:

<Compile Include="../Shared/SharedModels.fs" />
<Compile Include="Program.fs" />

Now you need to install the client package: Fable.Remoting.Client:

paket add Fable.Remoting.Client --project path/to/Client.fsproj

Proxy creation

Now that you have installed the package, you can use it to create a proxy: An object with which you are able to call the server in a type-safe manner:

open ShareModels
open Fable.Remoting.Client

// musicStore : IMusicStore
let musicStore : IMusicStore = 
  |> Remoting.buildProxy<IMusicStore>

async {
    let! albums = musicStore.allAlbums() 
    for album in albums do
        printfn "%s (%s)" album.Title album.Genre
|> Async.StartImmediate

Webpack dev server configuration

When you are working with webpack-dev-server in developement mode, you want to re-route the HTTP requests from your developement server to your backend, for that you must use the following configuration for webpack, assuming you are running webpack-dev-server on port 8080 and your backend is running on port 8083. You would change the devServer block:

devServer: {
  contentBase: resolve('./public'),
  port: 8080

to this:

devServer: {
  contentBase: resolve('./public'),
  port: 8080,
  // tell webpack-dev-server to re-route all requests 
  // from dev-server to the actual server
  proxy: {
    '/**': { 
      // assuming the suave server is running on port 8083
      target: "http://localhost:8083",
      changeOrigin: true

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