Custom Route Paths

By default, the path of the generated routes are of the form /{typeName}/{methodName}. For our IMusicStore type, the method createAlbum will have the route /IMusicStore/createAlbum. You can override this behaviour by providing your own route builder. For example, to prefix your route with /api you can use the following:

/// Prefix routes with /api/
let routeBuilder (typeName: string) (methodName: string) = 
    sprintf "/api/%s/%s" typeName methodName

// now use it with remoting builder
let webApp = 
    |> Remoting.withRouteBuilder routeBuilder
    |> Remoting.fromValue musicStore

Ofcourse, the routes must match both on client and server, so we override the behaviour on the client too:

// Assuming the function routeBuilder is shared between the client and server
// musicStore : IMusicStore
let musicStore : IMusicStore = 
  |> Remoting.withRouteBuilder routeBuilder 
  |> Remoting.buildProxy<IMusicStore>

One last thing you need to consider if you are using webpack-dev-server is that you need to delegate the requests that start with /api from the developement server to the F# backend using the following configuration:

devServer: {
  contentBase: resolve('./public'),
  port: 8080,
  proxy: {
    // delegate the requests prefixed with /api/
    '/api/*': {
      target: "http://localhost:8083",
      changeOrigin: true

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