Setup Saturn

On your Saturn project, you reference the the shared API types:

<Compile Include="../Shared/SharedModels.fs" />
<Compile Include="Program.fs" />

For Saturn, you actually don't need a seperate package other than the Giraffe package. Install Fable.Remoting.Giraffe:

paket add Fable.Remoting.Giraffe --project path/to/Server.fsproj

Expose the API

You can now plug the API implementation into the application pipeline of Saturn

// Program.fs

open Saturn
open SharedModels
open Fable.Remoting.Server
open Fable.Remoting.Giraffe

let musicStore : IMusicStore = {
    (* Your implementation here *)

// create the HttpHandler from the musicStore value
let webApp : HttpHandler = 
    |> Remoting.fromValue musicStore
    |> Remoting.buildHttpHandler

let app = application {
    url ""
    use_router webApp

run app

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